International Virtual Airline Association

The International Virtual Airline Association (called IVAA) is a group of virtual airlines. United we are a community wich we proudly present to the usual online-networks.

many members
fly together
big community
active exchange


Here is an overview of our currently planned events

  • CHC Logo

    CHC charity flight

    Together with the pilots of the IVAA-airlines we are doing a charity flight. Like last year we are collecting donations for the initiative Cargo Human Care.

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  • Coming soon...

    More events are being planned and will follow soon.


You and your virtual airline want to join the IVAA? You can find all necessary information here.

  • Meetings

    You should attend our meetings regularly (once a month)

  • Voice

    Every VA should be heared. Come forward with your topics, so we can discuss it in our meetings. And if we get to vote on a hot topic every VA has the same amount of leverage - no matter the count of representatives present.

  • Rules

    Billing the same flight twice is not permitted. You should feel comfortable changing your rules in this regard and enforce any wrongdoing.

  • Joining

    You want to join the IVAA with your virtual airline? If so write us a short email with the name of your virtual airline and a short introductory text (3-5 sentences) to We look forward to meeting you!






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